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Aren’t these papers from Kaiser just so cute. Was very inspired to whip up a set of cards when they arrived in the shop the other day. Papers range in price from $1.60 up to $2.60 for the glossy sheet with the owls and birdies on them.  The bottom one is a D Ring Album, also very cute.  I have kitted these up to make 13 cards.  A bit of cutting out but happy with the result.







SA227 Album (200x167)


Cards 1


Loom bands OMG!


looms and beads

Who has kids or adults for that matter who is hooked on these loom bands.  I had no idea what the fuss was all about until a couple of weeks ago kids started coming into the store asking about these bands!  I remember buying a packet of what looked like rubber bands at local store for my son Ryley thinking oh stocking filler, it might keep him amused.  Well, how wrong was I! After the stream of kids came into the store asking did we stock them as they had sold out in the local store I started to research our own wholesalers and sure enough found them and more!  So in the last two days of having them in the store, bags of them are walking out the door!  I can totally understand why kids love them!loom bandsThey are very cute and you can make so many things with them – well as far as your imagination will take you!  After surfing the net I found a few thousand photos and “You Tube” to show you what this craze all about.  WOW is all I can say!   Not only has this new craze gots kids abuzzing, it is also taking them away from the electronics they use constantly but also it’s getting kids talking again.    This new craze has them counting, colour  co-ordinating, researching, pattern reading just to name a few things, so it appears to be an educational craze as well.  Who would have thought!

Happy New Year!



Life and work certainly got away on us towards the end of last year and that meant so did the upkeep of our blog.  SORRY! Things have settled somewhat now albeit the town certainly doesn’t reflect this.  It’s buzzing madly which is a great for our small town.  Love that feeling when people are happy and enjoying browzing through your store and in a relaxed mode not to mention …. OMG stunning weather …….very lucky! Hope you are all enjoying your break too ……… Cheers  Lisa and Gabrielle x

Yamba blog

The festive season begins ……………. and so does the run of Christmas cheer HO HO HO!


040Well it’s that time of the year when the parties start and we begin the silly season. This started for us last night when we attended our yearly Girl’s night out in Yamba – well actually at the Harwood Hilton.  With more than 50 giggling girls, a few cocktails to kickstart the night and the theme “Mad Hatter’s Party” you can only imagine how the night was.  A great bunch of girls always makes a great effort to get together and have a drink or two or three or four and a dance too! Here are a few shots of the night ………. there were so many, it was hard to put them all on here!


Showing our creative side – new look of scrapbooking – live version lol lol lol ….


It was great to see everyone making an effort with the hats and costumes.


How many of you have started your Christmas celebrations?  It is the 1st December today which means the first day of summer and if you are superstitious like I am, will put up your Christmas tree and decorations up from the 1st and pull them down by the 31st December. Also means, only 24 days until Christmas  and not a lot of Christmas shopping done!! Better get to it ………

New fabrics from Ann Kelle has a bit of a shine to them!


One of our fabric designers that we love is Ann Kelle - she has cute and whimsy fabrics of which we do stock quite a bit of. I was just checking out her blog as we do love to watch what she is up to and noticed her new range of Remix fabrics that she has out has metallic in it – interesting concept. I have made a link on the remix picture below for you to check out her blog and see what I’m talking about.  Do you like them? Never really had much to do with metallic fabrics, normally notice them quite a bit with oriental type of fabrics so that is quite a change from the norm she has.  I wonder if this is a trend that is starting?  It will be interesting to see if she posts anything on her tutorial page of what she will do with them.  Always good to see what designers make with their own stuff. Having said that better get the head down and you know what up and get sewing myself so we will have something to sell at the Simply Handmade Markets ……..

ann kelle metallic remix range

The silly season is fast approaching…… or has it arrived???


Missed a few days last week posting, time got away just like this year! WOW this year has certainly flown by.  Don’t you think??? Can’t believe that November has just about come to an end and we are looking at December just around the corner and that means the first year of high school is done and dusted for our youngest and talking about the next.  Feel so old lol lol – use to wish the time away when you’re young and now only wish had more time to fit everything in! With only 30 days until Christmas there is still so much to get through.  We have 20 days until our Simply Handmade Market on 15 December from 2pm.  Fingers crossed that it’s going to be beautiful weather.  We have the Travelling Old McDonalds Farm joining us on the proviso that the weather is fine – very excited about this!  If history has it with our markets, we have certainly had a few wet ones so a beautiful day is what we are asking for!

buy handmade

The sewing machine certainly has been busy over the weekend and my office is one big mess!  It’s only another 20 days I keep telling myself that it will look like this! Then time off to enjoy the holidays with the kids!

messy room

But we will share over the next 20 days a few things that we have been making in readiness to sell at the market.  Here are a couple of things that we have started.  These are under our Simply Designed label that we have.  Anything we make is done under this.  We also have a facebook page for that too – Simply Designed.  We haven’t been very pro-active on this but starting to get it going a lot more.  So stop by and see what we are up to.

lunch bags

Christmas shopping not much of that done either only the grandchildren and they are always easy to buy for.  As for everyone else, no idea.  I hope to find lots of handmade goodies at our markets.  Looking from Simply Handmade facebook page, everyone has been busy to date getting lots of things made. So excited.

imageNow don’t forget that Gabrielle has a card class on this Wednesday and if you would like to join her just message us or call 6646 3388 to book.  We also have our weekly sewing group get together minus one – Bev who would be sipping cocktails in Waikkiki – lovely :)

Christmas Cards for Wednesday 27th November


For anyone who knows me, I love pink and green, with blue and red for Christmas. This is my first set in those colours for the year, which just goes to show that I haven’t been making too many Christmas cards this year. Hope you like them. I have done a bit of heat embossing with the chipboard and also used the Cuttlebug embossing folders on the white card. Only enough room for 5 this week.